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Antwerp, Belgium

LIBRARY "Gebouw O"

In October 2016, “Gebouw O” was officially completed. For this project over 2400 sheet metal panels were uniquely perforated one by one. The perforations of the 1.350 mm x 600 mm metal panels differed in diameter and distance, resulting in an image portraying a group of students. The metal panels were anodized creating a gold-colored gloss and ensuring long-term corrosion resistance.



The Steel Company contributes to a great extent in the realization of exclusive espresso machines. In this project, The Steel Company manufactures sheet metal and various other metal parts. Click the button below to see how our sheet metal products contribute to the final product.

Internationally known




The Steel Company manufactures high-quality mudguards from aluminum checkered plates. These aluminum mudguards are mounted on trucks, trailers, and agricultural vehicles. The Steel Company utilizes standard dimensions, but special length-and width-sized mudguards are available on request. Lastly, special wishes such as self-adhesive reflection strips, custom assembly brackets, and other accessories for trucks, trailers, and agricultural vehicles are also possible.




The Steel Company realizes a variety of projects for trucks, trailers, and agricultural vehicles. Often times specific parts are specially developed based on the desires of the customer. At The Steel Company, virtually everything is possible in terms of sheet metal machining, since everything is produced in-house. Next to this column, examples of metal accessories for trucks, trailers, and agricultural vehicles are given. For more information on metal accessories and parts, click on the button below.

Examples of metal truck and trailer accessories:

  • Skirts, bumpers
  • Fuel cells, battery containers
  • Support plate holder
  • Toolboxes
  • Light boxes and casings
  • … and many more!
Nettenrek voor vrachtwagen
Eeklo, Belgium

College OLV Ten-doorn sportshall

The O.-L.-V.-Ten-Doorn sports hall was transformed with a new facade in 2017. The project consists of 3D-shaped panels produced out of aluminium sheet metal. The panels have been lasercut and precisely bent in the desired shape and dimensions. This project was partly realized by The Steel Company Eindhoven.

metal assembly parts

The Steel Company has years of experience in the production of metal brackets and other assembly products. Everything is produced to always meet the specifications of the client. We can produce small and large metal products due to our flexible machinery. The Steel Company utilizes different materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, Corten steel, copper…

Hasselt, Belgium

Ecotron university

In 2016 the Ecotron University was completed. For this project, 900m2 stainless steel sheet metal was used. As you can see by looking at the picture, the building is completely camouflaged in the surroundings by the high-gloss polished metal panels. Twelve individually semi-automatic controlled climate rooms are interconnected to conducts scientific studies. The building also fulfills an education role.
Gent, Belgium

Parking garage AZ-SINT LUCAS

In the period December 2014 – Juli 2015, the parking garage of the Algemeen Ziekenhuis Sint-Lucas in Gent, Belgium was realized. For this project over 8200 m2 of metal panels were used. The panels were perforated by our punching machine to create a light and airy appearance. Each panel was coated to ensure long-term corrosion resistance.


The application of the metal products manufactured by The Steel Company can be found in all kinds of industries: automotive, gastronomy, electrotechnics, machinery, stores, stand construction…


  • Industrial tanks
  • Housing for electrotechnical products
  • Metal parts 3D-televisies
  • Aluminium mudguards for truck and trailers
  • Store displays
  • Hanging systems
  • Odour filters
  • Toolboxes
  • Fire extinghuiser 
  • Metal parts for espresso machines
  • Waterpurification parts
  • and more..